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Welcome to the Jung Page

Begun in 1995 by Jungian analyst Don Williams, The Jung Page provides online educational resources for the Jungian community around the world. With the cooperation and generosity of analysts, academics, independent scholars and commentators, and the editors of several Jungian journals, The Jung Page provides a place to encounter innovative writers and to enter into a rich, ongoing conversation about psychology and culture.

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News: Camille Paglia on Erich Neumann

Camille Paglia is a celebrity maverick as a feminist, classicist, literary and art critic who loves to deconstruct the post-modernists and who has decided and personal opinions on many other subjects as well. One of her abiding concerns is what she observes to be the desperate condition of the humanities in our colleges and  universities.  In a talk given in November 2005, “Erich Neumann: Theorist of the Great Mother,” she speaks glowingly of Neumann as a scholar in the great humanist tradition and compares his insights into the feminine favorably in contrast, for example, to Freud and to “goddess feminism” which was popular in the eighties (and she claims, is still so only more muted). She also adds a gloss on her opinion that “Jungian approaches have regrettably played no role whatsoever in high-profile academic feminism.” This talk, expanded and published in the humanist and classics journal Arion ( vol. 13, no. 3) is available for downloading at http://www.bu.edu/arion/