Analytical Psychology

Gender—A Certain Confusion

Therapists and analysts are taught in their training to be wary of anyone who seems too settled and sure in their gender identity and gender role. The tycoon who seems so capable and dynamic, such a marvelous self-starter, is—secretly, in his unconscious—a sobbing, little boy, dependent on others, maybe mainly female, for all his feelings of safeness and security.

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Andrew Samuels Interviewed by Ruth Williams

On the publication of his new book, Politics on the Couch: Citizenship and the Internal Life, Andrew Samuels is interviewed by psychotherapist Ruth Williams.

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Is There a Future for Men?

Rosalind Coward's article (Made by women with men meanly in mind, May 22) helps to create a climate in which issues surrounding men, masculinity and male psychology can be discussed intelligently. I am prompted to ask three questions.

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Machiavelli and Shadow Politics

My theme is the depth psychology of political processes, focusing on the psychology of non-violent political change. But what is meant by "politics"? I mean the arrangements and struggles within a single society, or between the countries of the world, for the organization and distribution of resources and power, especially economic power.

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The Politician Within

While politics will always be about getting things done, or stopping things from happening, most citizens know that there is usually a private, even a secret dimension to the ways in which their political beliefs, commitments, and actions have evolved in them.

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