Analytical Psychology

Shadow-Boxing: Wrestling with Romantic Partners

Shadow-Boxing: Wrestling with Romantic Partners
Romancing the Shadow: A Guide to Finding Gold in the Dark Side

In a famous Greek myth of romance, Eros insists that Psyche make love to him in the dark. Like Eros, many of us want to remain hidden when our passions loosen the reins of the ego's control. We long to know the Other, but not to be known. We ask probing questions, but reply with half answers. In a myriad of ways, we run from being seen and avoid becoming vulnerable, disguised in tight personas and baggy clothes, hiding in sordid addictions and clandestine habits.

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Jung and Alcoholics Anonymous

The following information on the origins of Alcoholics Anonymous has been provided by Roger Heydt of Pennsylvania.

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Psyche and Brain

An Interview with Jenny L. Yates by Joel Weishaus

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The Self in Relatedness

Rachel Feldhay Brenner's Writing as Resistance: Four Women of the Holocaust is  a work which evokes the question of the meaning of the self as asked-and answered- by the life and death of Anne Frank, Edith Stein, Simone Weil, and Etty Hillesum,  in the context of the inhumane, utterly destructive event of the Holocaust.

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Steinbeck, Ricketts, Jung

A Presentation to The Monterey Peninsula Friends of C. G. Jung : June 4, 2005

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