Analytical Psychology

Eurydice’s Body

The Graeco-Roman myth of Orpheus's descent to the Underworld to retrieve his dead bride, Eurydice, has, at least since the sixth century BCE, epitomized the transcendent nature of art and the tragic impotence of erotic love in the face of death.

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O Complexo Materno e O Feminino Emergente

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Division and Crisis in Küsnacht

The renown C.G. Jung-Institute in Küsnacht has been stuck in a crisis for years. It is threatened by a financial collapse. Now, a group in Zürich has even founded an alternative Seminar. ::   article translated from the Tages-Anzeiger online - the Zürich newspaper - Oct. 19, 2004

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Darkness descends without call. Unlike the predictable occurrence of night, this darkness comes whenever it wants, and does not leave at a foreseen time.

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Let It Be

The notion of physical and also of psychological reality has become a fuzzier topic in the last few decades. Questions multiply concerning human consciousness and its relationship with reality....

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