Film Reviews

The Return of a Millenium Space Saga: Star Wars, Volume 1

Two decades ago George Lucas brought to the big screen a trilogy of films that has excited and thrilled millions of movie viewers from at least two generations. Now he has returned with the first of three "prequels" to provide the background story to the central drama of the earlier movies involving the adventures of young Luke Skywalker. Is the Force still with Lucas? I believe so.

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Pulp Fiction

In therapy, people traditionally talk and do not act. In film, characters talk and act. Film dialogue not only moves with currents of text and subtext, it also flows with, against, or across the currents of visible--onscreen--action. Quentin Tarantino's PULP FICTION owes some of its success to the wild cross currents of dialogue, action, and character.

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The Brothers McMullan

Ray Poggi explores how the characters in Edward Burn's film The Brothers McMullan face the choice between the responsibilities (and rewards) of growing up and the temptation to resist.

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Memory and Desire

Memory and Desire shows the way of inner change, the effect of big dreams, where tremendous inner images and journeys may hardly appear on the surface.

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A Perfect World

As a psychotherapist I see everyday how difficult it is for people to talk to each other. Clear talking and respectful listening are difficult skills for most of us to master. A PERFECT WORLD draws its emotional power from a man and a boy who find that they'll do just about anything to go on talking to each other.

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