Film Reviews

A Perfect World

Review of a Clint Eastwood film.

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Field of Dreams

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Hong Kong Dreaming: Thoughts on Chungking Express

Watching Chungking Express now is like time travel. ...this bedragoned city sheds its skin every few years. Leave it for a couple of years, and not only have your carefully mapped buildings and your favourite alley, skywalk, escalator routes through the city all been demolished, the actual topography has changed.

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The Shining

An interview with the screenwriter, Diane Johnson

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Whale Rider

The story of Whale Rider is about Pai, a girl descended from Paikea, the mythical ancestor of Ngati Konohi hapu (sub tribe) who live in Whangara on the East Coast of New Zealand. Paikea is said to have arrived from their place of origin, Hawaikii, on the back of a whale.

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