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The Shipping News

It is called loss of soul among indigenous people--something like being in a half-coma, a zombie-like, living-dead existence. Nowadays we call it chronic depression--a state of low energy, loss of meaning and vitality, despair, aimlessness, ennui.

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Lost in Translation

In essence, it might really be a film about the media of life, about all the images and symbols of postmodern life that perpetually attack from all sides....

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Eyes Wide Shut

Though Stanley Kubrick's genius had given birth to some of my favorite movies-most notably A Clockwork Orange (1971)-it was with some trepidation that I went to see his final film.

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Diana (Michelle Rodriguez) is angry at girls her age who seem to care about nothing but makeup, clothes, and boys. She's angry that her father denigrates her younger brother's desire to go to art school.

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Myth, Shadow Politics, and Perennial Philosophy in Minority Report

Minority Report is Steven SpielbergĀ¹s second cinematic journey and investigation into interior darkness and (after his portrayal of the dark psyche in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence) into the future of humankind. It comes in the form of the atmospheric neo-noir/sci-fi/futuristic thriller which stars an intense Tom Cruise....

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