Two Poems

A small sampling of poetry by AW Starkey.



The first dream
had me
         being slowed
         being slowed
against my will
         until I froze
         by the road
(like Lot's wife-
a salt-lick rendering
of someone who wouldn't
just waiting
to get across
         a cross.
The last dream
had me
        on my knees
        on my knees
at the top of a stair
            to nowhere
            or somewhere
            little telling where
though this time
         and willing
         so listening.
It's been a long time
         a long climb
         small steps
        big moves.
AW Starkey
October 12, 2002


Needing a Dream or Two

My spirit's always looking
For some dream to walk around in
Where she counts among her friends
A white snake in a chalice of blood,
A monkey king who meditates in a cave
And a black madonna in a gore-tex jacket.
Instead, I drag her
Into pedestrian, day-lit certainties
Wrapped in concretized routines
And problem-solving methodologies
Fit for formulae full of fractions-
Fractions of an alliterate life.
Whoever dreamed of 3/8?
The only equation worth solving
Is the one Orpheus solved.
And yet, when the light dims
For a great adventure to unfold
From behind the visible screen,
I fall asleep with a haughty indifference,
Oblivious to my spirit's need
To find a dream or two.
Perhaps tonight there'll be a chance
I'll leave the fractions behind
And become more gracious.
AW Starkey
October 19, 2002