You be the Daddy, Mummy

Recent months have seen a huge moral panic whipped up about lone parenthood. The state of fatherhood is both more and less than the level of that huge and passionate debate implies. Scanning the situation with a psychologist's eye, it occurs to me that we are witnessing a damaging and misleading idealization of fathers and the roles which men play in families.

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Gender—A Certain Confusion

Therapists and analysts are taught in their training to be wary of anyone who seems too settled and sure in their gender identity and gender role. The tycoon who seems so capable and dynamic, such a marvelous self-starter, is—secretly, in his unconscious—a sobbing, little boy, dependent on others, maybe mainly female, for all his feelings of safeness and security.

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Political Energy

Political energy is not the same as political power. Political energy means bringing imaginative creativity to bear on seemingly intractable problems, trying to solve them in ways that reflect concern for social Justice.

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Andrew Samuels Interviewed by Ruth Williams

On the publication of his new book, Politics on the Couch: Citizenship and the Internal Life, Andrew Samuels is interviewed by psychotherapist Ruth Williams.

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