Machiavelli and Shadow Politics

My theme is the depth psychology of political processes, focusing on the psychology of non-violent political change. But what is meant by "politics"? I mean the arrangements and struggles within a single society, or between the countries of the world, for the organization and distribution of resources and power, especially economic power.

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The Politician Within

While politics will always be about getting things done, or stopping things from happening, most citizens know that there is usually a private, even a secret dimension to the ways in which their political beliefs, commitments, and actions have evolved in them.

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Is There a Future for Men?

Rosalind Coward's article (Made by women with men meanly in mind, May 22) helps to create a climate in which issues surrounding men, masculinity and male psychology can be discussed intelligently. I am prompted to ask three questions.

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Politics on the Couch

I'll begin by saying what I'm not writing about. I am not going to write about responsible ways of working with political or social or cultural or ecological material in the clinical session. I am not going to write about how a person gets his or her politics–the sources of their political attitudes and engagements.

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