Telling Stories

The psychoanalyst's office is the place, perhaps above all others, where people tell their private stories. When analysis works at its best, each session begins with three radical assumptions: Each person has a story, their story makes sense, and it's worth listening to.

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The Erotics of Blame

On the surface blame would seem to be a most unerotic phenomenon. When someone blames us we feel repelled, turned off, defensive, guilty, diminished, upset or angry. The bitter accusations of the offended are more likely to inhibit the erotic spirit than to kindle it.

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The Origin of Alchemy and the Image of God in Man

Despite its apparent lack of success the 'sacred art' of alchemy persisted for more than seventeen hundred years. The essential duality which characterised alchemy from the very beginning, by which the work was divided into the practica and the theoria, reflects the confluence in Hellenistic times of a new spirit with a very old tradition.

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The Blues

On 10 September Martin Johnson wrote: Would you help me and post the following requests: Interested in articles, comments, papers, directions, on various Jungian archetypes revealed through blues lyrics!

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