Eyes of Sophia

Darlene Viggiano, M.A. reviews the work The Eyes of Sophia by Donna May & Alan Chien. The piece is a gripping narrative telling of the transformative union of opposites manifest in the flowering relationship of the authors. Love unfolds from the harmony of the two opposite principles, eros and logos.  

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The Physiology of Type (Part 3)

In part three of three part series, Dr. Benziger posits the possible etiology of Prolonged Adaptation Stress Syndrome (PASS), suggesting that a Falsification of Type induces the condition. Benziger outlines a myriad of symptoms associated with the disease, and reviews the consequences in light of modern medicine and knowledge of physiology.    

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Skeletons in the Closet

George L. Vergolias interrogates the implicit, lost meaning of the word closet through an investigation of the word’s etymology. In so doing, Vergolias discovers both the authentic, fluid meaning of the self (i.e. it is not ego-centered) and its capacity for transcendence.

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The Physiology of Type (Part 1)

Katherine Benziger identifies the neurological/physiological underpinnings of Jung’s psychological types. Typological behavior (i.e. Extroversion or Introversion) is associated with elements of human physiology.

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