Decent Into Darkness

Through a careful analysis of the original meaning of two esoteric folktales, psychoanalyst Patrick Tummon and psychiatrist David Kibel demonstrate that a "modernization" of Jung's archetypal theory provides a powerful paradigm which unifies the findings of disparate areas of research in psychology, namely evolutionary psychology, attachment theory, and cognitive development.

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The One Minute Question: What is Narrative Therapy?

Erik Sween proposes seven "one minute" explanations that seek to elucidate the purpose, foundations, and the basic theoretical assumptions and constructs that underly narrative therapy.

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The Trinity Site

Donald Williams meditates on his visit to the Trinity Site in New Mexico, the location of the explosion of the first atomic bomb, and describes his trip through the surrounding desert with Tim, a student of biology at the University of New Mexico.

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Boulder Society Now Accepting Program Proposals

The Boulder Friends of Jung is currently soliciting program proposals for our Fall 2008 through 2009 lecture/workshop series. Our programs are held the third week of the month, with lectures on Friday evening, workshops on Saturday, and run from February through May and September through November. Please note that we are a newly created non-profit organization with very limited funds, and regrettably not all proposals received can be accepted. If you are interested in coming to Boulder, Colorado and meeting a commuity of energized people dedicated to the psychology of C.G. Jung, please contact Nancy Ortenberg at 303.449.2011 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .