Graduate Education

Deepen Your Experience of Meaning Through MA, PhD, Certificate Programs Offered by Saybrook University and The Jung Center

The great psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that we must start with a deep understanding of ourselves if we want to make a lasting impact on our community and the world. Honor your vocation and enrich your personal and professional life with a graduate degree or professional certificate through Saybrook University’s Jungian Studies program.  Held in partnership with The Jung Center of Houston, this innovative educational collaboration immerses students in the original work of C.G. Jung, with a core focus on his  Collected Works.

Students work closely with renowned faculty such as James Hollis, J. Pittman McGehee, Ron Schenk, Jerry Ruhl, John Beebe, and others, in monthly weekend seminars held at The Jung Center during the academic year.  Graduates of this program receive masters or doctoral degrees in psychology from Saybrook University, a fully-accredited graduate school. Those not interested in completing a full degree can earn a certificate in Jungian studies.

Saybrook University is the world’s premiere institution for humanistic studies. Focused on what it means to be human in modern times, its programs study who we are and what empowers us to be better people as we work for a humane and sustainable world. Saybrook attracts leaders in industry, government, and academia who see that the world needs human solutions. Focused as much on the street as on the library, Saybrook has a model of community-based distance learning that allows its students to continue their careers, working anywhere in the world—and making a difference—while they get a transformative, world class education.

You can listen to James Hollis, founding director of the Jungian Studies program at Saybrook University, addressing prospective students about this singular program by clicking the link below:

The Summons of the Soul: James Hollis, March 2012

Click to download: The Summons of the Soul: James Hollis, March 2012

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