Cross Currents: Part II: Works Arranged by Author

This section arranges the works in alphabetical order by author. Chapter numbers (from within Cross Currents) are also included, to guide the reader to more complete descriptions of the works.

Cross-Currents of Jungian Thought: An Annotated Bibliography
by Donald R. Dyer
(Shambhala Publications, 1991)

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Part II: Works Arranged by Author

Abrams, Jeremiah (Sausalito, Calif., therapist; Mt. Vision Inst. dit.)
--(ed.) Reclaiming the Inner Child. 1990p [Chapter 6]

Abt, Theodor (Ph.D.: Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Fed. Inst. Tech. planning prof.)
-- Progress without Loss of Soul. 1989 +p (Ger.: 1983) [Chapter 12]

Adler, Gerhard (1904-88; Ph.D.; studied with Jung 1931-34; London Jn. Analyst)
- -(co-ed.) C. G. Jung: Letters. 1973-1976 [Chapter 2]

(ed.) Current Trends in Analytical Psychology. 1961 (1958 Congress) [Chapter 3]
--Dynamics of the Self 1979p; 1989p [Chapter 4]

--The Living Symbol: A Case Study in the Process of Individuation
. 1961 [Chapter 6]
--(ed.) Selected Letters of C. G. Jung, 1901-1961. 1984 + p [Chapter 2]

--Studies in Analytical Psychology.
1948; rev. 1966; 1967; 1968; 1969 +p [Chapter 3]
(ed.) Success and Failure in Analysis. 1974 (1971 IAAP congress) [Chapter 11]

Aldrich, Charles Robert (1877-1933; Am. writer)
--The Primitive Mind and Modern Civilization. 1931; 1969; 1970 [Chapter 12]

Alexander, Irving E. (1922-; Ph.D; Duke U. psy. prof.) (co-author)
--The Experience of Introversion. 1975 [Chapter 4]

Allan, John (1941-; Ph.D.; Jn. analyst; U. Brit. Columbia psy. prof.)
-- Inscapes of the Child's World: Jungian Counseling in Schools and Clinics. 1988p [Chapter 11]

Amman, Ruth (studied with Dora Kalff; Kindhausen, Switzerland, Jn. analyst)
-- Healing and Transformation in Sandplay. 1990 + p [Chapter 11]

Analytical Psychology Ciub of New York.
--Catalog of the Kristine Mann Library. 1978 [Chapter 3]

Argüelles, José A. (1939-; Ph.D.; artist & art hist. prof.) (co-author)
--Mandala. 1972 +p; 1985p [Chapter 7]

Argüelles, Miriam (1943-; M.A.; artist & art historian) (co-author)
--Mandala. 1972 +p; 1985p [Chapter 7]

Armstrong, Thomas (Ph.D.; San Francisco educ. counseling serv, dit.)
-- The Radiant Child. 1985p [Chapter 6]

Aronson, Alex (1912-; Tel Aviv U. Engl. prof.)
--Psyche and Symbol in Shakespeare. 1972 [Chapter 10]

Arraj, James (writer near Crater Lake, Ore.) (co-author)
--A Jungian Psychology Resource Guide. 1987p [Chapter 3]

(co-author) A Practical Guide to C. G. Jung's Psychological Types, Sheldon's Body and Temperament Types, and Their Integration. 1988p [Chapter 5]
--St. John of the Cross and Dr. C. G. Jung.
1986p [Chapter 9]
(co-author) A Tool for Understanding Human Differences. 1985p [Chapter 5]

Arraj, Tyra (writer near Crater Lake, Ore.) (co-author)
--A Jungian Psychology Resource Guide. 1987p [Chapter 3]

(co-author) Practical Guide to Jung's Psychological Types, Sheldon's Body and Temperament Types, and Their Integration. 1988p [Chapter 5]
(co-author) A Tool for Understanding Human Differences. 1985p [Chapter 5]

Arroyo, Stephen (M.A. psy.)
--Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements. 1975 + p [Chapter 11]

Atwood, George E. (Ph.D.)(co-author)
--Faces in a Cloud: Subjectivity in Personality Theory. 1979 [Chapter 5]

Avens, Roberts (1923-; Ph.D.; lona C. philos. prof.)
-- Imaginal Body: Para-jungian Reflections on Soul, Imagination, and Deatb.1982 +p [Chapter 9]

--Imagination: A Way toward Western Nirvana.
1979p [Chapter 9]
--Imagination Is Reality.
1980p (rev. of Imagination: A Way toward Western Nirvana) [Chapter 9]

Aziz, Robert (London, Ontario, Jn.-oriented therapist)
-- C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity. 1990 + p [Chapter 9]

Babcock, Winifred.
--Jung, Hesse, Harold. 1983 [Chapter 9]

Baker, lan F. (Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Zurich Jn. analyst)
--(ed.) Methods of Treatment in Analytical Psychology. 1980 (1977 IAAP congress) [Chapter 11]

Barker, Culver M. (1891-1967; M.D.; studied with Jung; London therapist)
--Healing in Depth. 1972 [Chapter 11]

Barnaby, Karen (1944-; New York U. doct. study; Quadrant asst. ed.)
--(co-ed.) C. G. Jung and the Humanities. 1990 [Chapter 10]

Barton, Anthony (1934-; Duquesne U. psy. prof.)
--Three Worlds of Therapy: An Existential-Phenomenologicql Study of the Therapies of Freud, Jung, and Rogers. 1974 + p [Chapter 11]

Bates, Marilyn (Fullerton, Calif., State U. prof.)
--(co-author) Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types. 1978p [Chapter 5]

Bauer, Jan (1943-; M.A.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Montreal jn. analyst)
-- Alcoholism and Women: Background and Psychology. 1982p [Chapter 11]

Baynes, Helton Godwin (1882-1943; M.D.; Jung's asst.; London Jn. analyst)
-- Analytical Psychology and the English Mind. 1950 [Chapter 3]

--Germany Possessed.
1941; 1972 [Chapter 12]
--Mythology of the Soul.
1940; 1949; 1955; 1969 [Chapter 11]

Becker, Raymond de (1916-; Vezelay, France)
--The Understanding of Dreams. 1968 (Fr.: 1965) [Chapter7]

Beebe, John (1939-; M.D.; San Francisco J. Inst. dipl.; San Francisco Jn. analyst) (ed.)
--Money, Food, Drink, Fashion, and Analytic Training. 1983 (1980 IAAP Congress) [Chapter 11]

Begg, Ean C. M. (M.A.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; London jn. analyst)
-- The Cult of the Black Virgin. 1985p [Chatper 8]

--Myth and Today's Consciousness.
1984p [Chapter 6]

Bell, Robert E. (1930-) (ed.)
--Dictionary of Classical Mythology. 1982 +p [Chapter 7]

Bennet, E. A. (1888-1977; M.D.; Sc.D.; London psychiatrist; friend of Jung)
--C. G. Jung. 1961; 1962p [Chapter 2]

--Meetings with Jung.
1982; 1985p [Chapter 2]
--What Jung Really Said. 1
966; 1967 + p; 1983p [Chapter 3]

Berger, Merrill (Boston clin. psychologist)(co-author)
--The Wisdom of the Dream: The World of C. G. Jung. 1989; 1990p [Chatper 1]

Berne, Patricia H. (Ph.D., Washington, D.C., psychologist)
--(co-author) Dreams and Spiritual Growth. 1984p [Chapter 9]

Bernstein, Jerome S. (1936-; M.A.; N.Y. J. Inst. dipl., Washington, D.C., Jgn. analyst)
--Power and Politics: The Psychology of Soviet-American Partnership. 1989 [Chapter 12]

Berry, Patricia (Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Cambridge, Mass., Jn. analyst)
--Echo's Subtle Body. 1982p [Chapter 11]
--(ed.) Fathers and Mothers. 1973p; 1977p; ed.2 1990p [Chapter 8]

Bertine, Eleanor (1887-1968; M.D.; studied with Jung; N.Y. Jn. analyst)
--Human Relationships. 1958; 1963 [Chapter 6]
--Jung's Contribution to Our Time. 1967; 1968 [Chapter 12]

Bianchi, Eugene C. (1930-; Ph.D.; Emory U. relig. prof.)
-- Aging as a Spiritual Journey. 1982; 1984p [Chapter 6]

Bickman, Martin (1945-; Ph.D.; U. Colorado Engl. prof.)
--American Romantic Psychology. 1988p (rev. of The Unsounded Centre) [Chapter 10]
--The Unsounded Centre: Jungian Studies in American Romanticism. 1980 [Chapter 10]

Birkhäuser, Peter (1911-72; Basel artist; analysand of von Franz)
--Light from the Darkness: Paintings. 1980 [Chapter 10]

Birkhäuser-Oeri, Sibylle (d. 1971; Jn. analyst; wife of Peter Birkhäuser)
--The Mother: Archetypal Image in Fairy Tales. 1988p (Ger.: 1977) [Chapter 10]

Blackmer, Joan Dexter (193 1-; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Concord, Mass., Jn. analyst)
-- Acrobats of the Gods: Dance and Transformation. 1989p [Chapter 10]

Bly, Robert (1926-; M.A.; poet)
-- A Little Book on the Human Shadow. 1988p [Chapter 6]

Boa, Fraser (l 932-; M.A.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Toronto Jn. analyst) (co-author)
--The Way of the Dream. 1987 [Chapter 7]

Bolander, Karen (Ph.D.)
--Assessing Personality through Tree Drawings. 1977 [Chapter 10]

Bolen, jean Shinoda (M.D.; San Francisco Jn. analyst; UCSF psy. prof.)
-- Gods in Everyman: A New Psychology of Men's Lives and Loves. 1989; 1990p [Chapter 8]
--Goddesses in Everywoman: A New Psycbology of Women. 1983; 1984; 1985p [Chapter 8]
--The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self. 1979; 1980p; 1982p [Chapter 6]

Borenzweig, Herman (l 930-; U. Sn. Cal. social work prof.)
--Jung and Social Work. 1984 + p [Chapter 12]

Bosnak, Robert U.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Cambridge, Mass., Jn. analyst)
-- Dreaming with an AIDS Patient. 1989 [Chapter 12]
-- Little Course in Dreams. 1988p (Dutch: 1986) [Chapter 7]

Branson, Clark (1939-; UCLA psy. study; Pasadena writer)
-- Howard Hawks: A JungianS tudy. 1987+p [Chapter 10]

Breaux, Charles.
--Journey into Consciousness: Chakras, Tantra, and Jungian Psychology. 1989p [Chapter 6]

Brennan, Anne (Sister of St. Joseph; Seton Hall U. educ. prof.)
--(co-author) Celebrate Mid-Life: Jungian Archetypes and Mid-Life Spirituality. 1988;1989p [Chapter 9]
--(co-author) Mid-life: Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives. 1982; ed.2 1987p [Chapter 9]
--(co-author) Mid-life Directions. 1985p [Chapter 9]

Brewi, Janice (Sister of St. Joseph; Seton Hall U. educ. prof.)
--(co-author) Celebrate Mid-Life: Jungian Archetypes and Mid-Life Spirituality.1988;1989p [Chapter 9];
--(co-author) Mid-life: Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives. 1982; ed.2 1987p [Chapter 9];
--(co-author) Mid-life Directions. 1985p [Chapter 9]

Brivic, Sheldon R. (1943-; Ph.D.; Temple U. Engl. prof.)
--Joyce between Freud and Jung. 1980 [Chapter 10]

Broadribb, Donald R. (1933-; Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Austral. Jn. analyst)
--The Dream Story. 1987p; 1990p [Chapter 7]

Brome, Vincent (1910-; London biog. writer)
--Jung: Man and Myth. 1978 +p; 1980p; 1981p [Chapter 1]

Brown, Clifford A. (Ph.D.)
--Jung's Hermeneutic of Doctrine. 198 lp [Chapter 9]

Brownsword, Alan W. (Ph.D.)
--It Takes All Types! 1987p [Chapter 5]

Brunner, Cornelia (Zurich Jn. analyst)
-- Anima As Fate. 1986p (Ger: 1963) [Chapter 7]

Bryant, Christopher, (1905-85; Anglican Cowley Father)
-- Depth Psychology and Religious Belief. 1972p; rev. 1987p [Chapter 9];
--Jung and the Christian Way. 1983p; 1984p [Chapter 9];
--The River Within: The Search for God in Depth. 1978p; 1983p [Chapter 9]

Bührmann, M. Véra (M.D.; London Jn. training; Capetown Jn. analyst)
-- Living in Two Worids. 1984; 1986p [Chaper 11]

Burt, Kathleen (1943-; Solano Beach, Calif., astrologer; Jn. student)
--Archetypes of the Zodiac. 1988p [Chapter 6]


Campbell, Joseph (1904-87; Ph.D.; Sarah Lawrence C. lit. prof.)
--The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 1949; 1950; 1956; ed.2 1968; 1972p; 1975p;1988p [Chapter 6];
--The Inner Reaches of Outer Space. 1986; 1988 + p [Chapter 7];
--The Mythic Image. 1974; 1981p [Chapter 7];
--Myths to Live By. 1972; 1973p; 1978p; 1984p; 1985p [Chapter 9];
--(ed.) The Portable Jung. 1971 +p; 1976p; 1985p [Chapter 2];
--(co-author) Tarot Revelations. 1980p; ed.2 1982p; ed.3 1987p [Chapter 6]

Caprio, Betsy (M.A.; LA minister; LA J. Inst. member)
--The Woman Sealed in the Tower. 1982p [Chapter 8]

Carlson, Kathie (M.A.; N.Y. J. Inst. study; Connecticut psychotherapist)
-- In Her Image: The Unhealed Daughter's Search for Her Mother. 1989 [Chapter 8]

Carotenuto, Aldo (Ph.D.; Rome Jn. analyst; U. Rome lecturer)
--Eros and Pathos: Shades of Love and Suffering. 1989p (It.: 1987) [Chapter 6];
--Kant's Dove. 1990p [Chapter 11];
--A Secret Symmetry: Sabina Spielrein between Jung and Freud. 1982; 1984p (It.: 1980) [Chapter 11];
--The Spiral Way: A Womans Healing Journey. 1986p (It.: 1979) [Chapter 11];
--The Vertical Labyrinth: Individuation in Jungian Psychology. 1985p (It.: 1981) [Chapter 6]]

Carroll, L. Patrick (1936-; Tacoma Jesuit priest)(co-author)
-- Chaos or Creation: Spirituality in Mid-Life. 1986p [Chapter 9]

Champernowne, Irene (1901-76; Ph.D.; Jn. training; Exeter Center founder)
--A Memoir of Toni Wolff. 1980p [Chapter 7]

Chapman, J. Harley (1940-; Ph.D.; Harper C. philos. prof,)
--Jung's Three Theories of Religious Experience. 1988 [Chapter 9]

Chetwynd, Tom (1938-; Brit. writer)
--Dictionary of Symbols. 1982p [Chapter 7]

Chinen, Allan B. (1952-; M.D.; San Francisco jn. analyst; U. Cal. prof.)
--In the Ever After: Fairy Tales and the Second Half of Life. 1989p [Chapter 10]

Christou, Evangelos (1922-56; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Alexandria, Egypt, Jn. analyst)
--The Logos of the Soul. 1963p; 1987p [Chapter 11]

Cirlot, J. E. (1915-; Spanish poet)
-- A Dictionary of Symbols. 1962; ed.2 1971; 1972; 1983p; 1988 (Span.: 1958) [Chapter 7]

Clark, Robert A. (1908-; M.D.; Zurich J. Inst. study; U. Pitt. psy. prof.)
--Six Talks on Jung's Psycbology. 1953p [Chapter 3]

Clarke, Thomas E. (co-author)
--From Image to Likeness. 1983p [Chapter 6]

Clift, Jean Dalby (Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. study; Denver pastoral counselor
-- (co-author) The Hero Journey in Dreams, 1988 [Chapter 6];
--(co-author) Symbols of Transformation in Dreams. 1984; 1986p [Chapter 7]

Clift, Wallace B. (1926-; Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. study; U. Denver relig. prof.)(co-author)
--The Hero Journey in Dreams. 1988 [Chapter 6];
--Jung and Christianity: The Challenge of Reconciliation. 1982; 1983; 1986p [Chapter 9];
--(co-author) Symbols of Transformation in Dreams. 1984; 1986p [Chapter 7]

Cobb, Noel (Ph.D.; London Jn. training; London Jn. analyst)
--Prospero's Island: Secret Alchemy at the Heart of The Tempest. 1984p [Chapter 10]

Cohen, Edmund D. (J.D.; Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. study)
--C. G. Jung and the Scientific Attitude. 1975; 1976p [Chapter 3];
--The Mind of the Bible-Believer. 1986; 1988p [Chapter 9]

Colegrave, Sukie (1948-; studied Jn. psy. in London & Boston; Santa Fe psychotherapist)
--By Way of Pain: A Passage into Self. 1988p [Chapter 6];
--The Spirit of the Valley: Androgyny and Chinese Thought. 1979 +p; 1981 [Chapter 8];
--Uniting Heaven and Earth. 1989p (reissue of Spirit of the Valley) [Chapter 8]

Colman, Arthur D. (193 7-; M.D.; San Francisco Jn. analyst; U. Cal. psy. prof.)
--(co-author) Earth EatherlSky Father. 1981 +p (earlier ed. of The Father) [Chapter 8];
--(co-author) The Father: Mythology and Changing Roles. 1988 +p [Chapter 8]

Colman, Libby Lee (co-author)
-- Earth FatherlSky Father. 198lp (earlier ed. of The Father) [Chapter 8];
--(co-author) The Father (reissue of Earth FatherlSky Father). 1988 + p [Chapter 8]

Conger, John P. (1935-; Orinda, Calif., Kennedy U. psy. prof.)
--Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow. 1988 + p [Chapter 11]

Cooper, J. C..
--An Illustrated Encylopaedia of Traditional Symbols. 1978; 1979; 1987p Chapter 7]

Corrie,Joan (Brit. writer)
-- ABC ofJung's Psychology. 1927 +p [Chapter 11]

Coudert, Allison (1941-; Ph.D.; San Francisco writer)
--Alchemy: The Philosopber's Stone. 1980p [Chapter 7]

Coukoulis, Peter P. (Ph.D.; L.A. J. Inst. dipl.; Long Beach Jn. analyst)
--Guru, Psychotherapist, and Self. 1976 + p [Chapter 11]

Coursen, H. R. (1932-; Ph.D.; Bowdoin C. Eng. prof.)
-- The Compensatory Psyche: A Jungian Approach to Shakespeare. 1986 + p [Chapter 10]

Covitz, Joel D. (1943-; D.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Brookline, Mass., Jn. analyst)
--Emotional Child Abuse: The Family Curse. 1986 +p [Chapter 11];
--Visions of the Night: A Study of Jewish Dream Interpretation. 1990p [Chapter 7]

Cowan, Lyn (1942-; Ph.D.; Inter-Reg. Jn. dipl.; Minneapolis Jn. analyst)
-- Masochism: A Jungian View. 1982p [Chapter 11]

Coward, Harold G. (1936-; Ph.D.; U. Calgary Inst. Humanities dit.)
--Jung and Eastern Tbought. 1985 +p [Chapter 9]

Cox, David (1920-; Cambridge U. theol.; Zurich J. Inst. visiting lect.)
--History and Myth: The World Around Us and the World Within. 1966 [Chapter 6]
--How the Mind Works: Introduction to the Psychology of C. G. Jung. 1963; 1965; 1968p; 1978p [Chapter 3];
--Jung and St. Paul. 1959 [Chapter 9]

Curatorium of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich.(ed.)
-- Conscience. 1970 (Ger.: 1958) [Chapter 9];
--(ed.) Evil. 1967 (Ger.: 1961) [Chapter 9]

Custance, John (pseudonym)
--Wisdom, Madness, and Folly: The Philosopby of a Lunatic. 1951; 1952 [Chapter11]

Czuczka, George (For. Serv. Officer ret.)
--Imprints of the Future: Politics and Individuation in Our Time. 1987p [Chapter 12]


--(co-ed.) C. G. Jung and the Humanities. 1990 [Chapter 10]

Daking, D. C.
--Jungian Psychology and Modern Spiritual Thought. 1933 [Chapter 9]

Dale-Green, Patricia (d.1968; London An. Psy. Club member)
-- The Archetypal Cat (orig. Cult of the Cat). 1963; 1970p; 1983p [Chapter 7]

Dallett, Janet 0. (1933-; Ph.D.; L.A. J. Inst. dipl.; L.A. Jn. analyst)(ed.)
-- The Dream: The Vision of the Night, by Max Zeller. 1975p [Chapter 7];
--When the Spirits Come Back. 1988p [Chapter 11]

Davies, Miranda (co-ed.)
--Jungian Child Psychotherapy. 1988p [Chapter 11]

de Castillejo, Irene Claremont (1896-1973; London Jn. analyst)
-- Knowing Woman: A Feminine Psychology. 1973; 1974p; 1990p [Chapter 8]

de Laszlo, Violet S. (M.D.; London med. analyst; Zug, Switzerland, Jn. analyst)
--(ed.) The Basic Writings of C. G. Jung. 1959 [Chapter 2];
--(ed.) Psyche and Symbol. 1958p [Chapter 2]

de Vries, Ad (Litt.D.)
--Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery. 1974; ed. 2 1976; 1984 [Chapter 7]

Desteian, John (J.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Minneapolis Jn. analyst)
--Coming Together/Coming Apart. 1989 +p [Chapter 8]

Dieckmann, Hans (1921-; M.D.; Zurich & Berlin J. Inst. dipl.; Berlin Jn. analyst)
-- Twice-Told Tales: The Psychological Use of Fairy Tales. 1986p (Ger.: 1978) [Chapter 10]

Dione, Arthur (North England astrologer)
--Jungian Birth Cbarts. 1988p [Chapter 6]

Donington, Robert (1907-; Brit. musicologist)
--Wagner's Ring and its Symbols. 1963; rev. 1969 + p; 1974 + p [Chapter 10]

Donn, Linda (Ph.D. psy.)
--Freud and Jung: Years of Friendship, Years of Loss. 1988 [pChapter 3]

Doran, Robert M., (1939-; Ph.D.; Jesuit priest; Toronto Regis C. relig. prof.)
--Subject and Psyche: Ricoeur, Jung and the Search for Foundations. 1977 [Chapter 9]

Douglas, Claire (Ph.D.; N.Y. psychotherapist with Jungian training)
--The Woman in the Mirror; Analytical Psychology and the Feminine. 1990p [Chapter 8]

Dourley, John P. (PhD. Catholic priest; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.;Ottawa Jn.analyst)
--Goddess Mother of the Trinity: A Jungian Implication. 1990 [Chapter 9];
--The Illness That We Are: A Jungian Critique of Christianity. 1984p [Chapter 9];
--Love, Celibacy, and the Inner Marriage. 1987p [Chapter 9];
--The Psyche as Sacrament: C. G. Jung and Paul Tillich. 19 81 p [Chapter 9]

Downing, Christine (1931-; Ph.D.; San Diego State U. relig. prof.).
--The Goddess: Mythological Images of the Feminine. 1981; 1984p [Chapter 8]
--Journey Through Menopause: A Personal Rite of Passage. 1987; 1989p [Chapter 8]
--Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love. 1989+p [Chapter 8]]
--Psyche's Sisters: Re-Imagining the Meaning of Sisterbood. 1988 [Chapter 8]

Dry, Avis M. (Zurich J. Inst. training).
--The Psychology of Jung: A Critical Interpretation. 1961 [Chapter 3]

Dundas, Evalyn T. (Zurich J. Inst. study; N. Calif. child psychologist).
-- Symbols Come Alive in the Sand. 1990 +p [Chapter 11]

Durme, Carrin (Rice U. relig. prof.; Houston Jung Center lect.)
--Behold Woman: A Jungian Approach to Feminist Theology. 1988; 1989p [Chapter 8]

Duran, Eduardo (1949-; Ph.D.)
--Archetypal Consultation: A Service Delivery Model for Native Americans. 1984p [Chapter 11]

Dyckman, Katherine Marie
--(co-author) Chaos or Creation: Spirituality in Mid-Life. 1986p [Chapter 9]


Edinger, Edward F. (1922-; M.D.; L.A. Jn. analyst)
--Anatomy of the Psyche: Alchemical Symbolism in Psycbotherapy, 1985 + p [Chapter 11]
--The Bible and the Psyche: Individuation Symbolism in Old Testament. 1986p [Chapter 6]
--The Christian Archetype: A Jungian Commentary on Life of Christ. 1987p [Chapter 6]
--The Creation of Consciousness: Jung's Myth for Modern Man. 1984p [Chapter 6]
--Ego and Archetype. 1972; 1973p [Chapter 6]]
--Encounter with the Self. A Jungian Commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job. 198 6p [Chaper 10]
--Goethe's Faust: Notes for a Jungian Commentary. 1990p [Chapter 10]
--The Living Psycbe: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures. 1989p [Chapter 11]
--Melville's Moby-Dick: A Jungian Commentary. 1978 + p [Chapter 10]

Eliade, Mircea (1907-86; Ph.D. Bucharest; U. Chicago relig. prof.)
--The Forge and the Crucible: The Origins and Structure of Alchemy. 1962; 1971p; ed.2 1978p (Fr.: 1956) [Chapter 7]

Ellenberger, Henri F. (1905-; Montreal psy.)
--The Discovery of the Unconscious. 1970; 1981p [Chapter 3]

Engelsman, Joan Chamberlain (1932-; Ph.D.; Drew U. Women's Center dir.)
--The Feminine Dimension of the Divine. 1979p; 1987p [Chaper 8]

Evans, Elida.
--The Problem of the Nervous Child. 1920; 1921 [Chapter 10]

Evans, Richard 1. (1922-; Ph.D.; U. Houston psy. prof.)
-- Conversations with Carl Jung. 1964p [Chapter 3]
--Dialogue with C. G. Jung (repr. of Jung on Elementary Psychology). 1981 [Chapter 3]
--Jung on Elementary Psychology. 1976p; 1979p [Chapter 3]

Evans-Wentz, W. Y. (1868-1965; Oxford U.) (ed.)
--The Tibetan Book of the Dead. 1927; ed.2 1949; ed.3 1957; 1960p; 1973; 1980p [Chapter 9]
--(ed,) The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation. 1954; 1968p; 1978p [Chapter 9]


Fierz, Heinrich Karl (d.1984; Dr.Med.; Zurichberg Clinic dir.)
--Jungian Psychiatry. 1990p [Chapter 11]

Fierz-David, Linda (1891-1955; pupil of Jung; Zurich J. Inst. docent)
--The Dream of Poliphilo. 1950; ed.2 1987p (Ger.: 1947) [Chapter 7]
--Women's Dionysian Initiation. 1988p (Ger.: 1957) [Chapter 8]

Fodor, Nandor.
--Freud, Jung, and Occultism. 1971; 1972 [Chapter 1]

Fordham, Frieda (1902-8 8; London Jn. analyst)
-- An Introduction to Jung's Psychology. 1953; ed.2 1959p; ed.3 1966p [Chapter 3]

Fordham, Michael (1905-; M.D.; London Jn. analyst; co-ed. of Jung's Collected Works)
--(co-ed.) Analytical Psychology: A Modern Science. 1973; 1980 [Chapter 3]
--Children as Individuals (orig. The Life of Childhood). 1969; 1970 [Chapter 6]
--(ed.) Contact with Jung. 1963 [Chapter 1]
--Explorations into the Self. 1985 [Chapter 6]
--Jungian Psychotherapy. 1978; 1986p [Chapter 11]
--The Life of Childhood. 1944 [Chapter 6]
--New Developments in Analytical Psychology. 1957 [Chapter 3]
--The Objective Psyche. 1958 [Chapter 4]
--The Self and Autism. 1976 [Chapter 11]
--(ed.) Technique in Jungian Analysis. 1974; 198 1; 1989p [Chapter 11]

Foster, Genevieve W. (1903-; M.A.; studied with Harding; Bryn Mawr C. lect.)
--The World Was Flooded with Light: A Mystical Experience Remembered.1985 [Chapter 7]

Foster, Steven (co-ed.)
--Betwixt and Between: Patterns of Masculine and Feminine Initiation.1987+p [Chapter 8]

Frey-Rohn, Liliane (D.Psy.; Dr.Phil.; Zurich Jn. analyst)
--Friedrich Nietzsche: A Psychological Approach to His Life and Work.1988p [Chapter 6]
--From Freud to Jung. 1974; 1976p (Ger.: 1969) [Chapter 4]

Fried, Jerome (co-ed.)
--Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend. 1949; 1951; 1975; 1984p [Chapter 7]

Fritz, Donald W. (1933-; Ph.D.; Miami U. Engl. prof.)
-- (ed.) Perspectives on Creativity and the Unconscious. 1980p [Chapter 10]

Fry, Ruth Thacker (Ph.D.; Houston J. Educational Center founder)
--(co-author) The Symbolic Profile. 1976 [Chapter 11]

Furth, Gregg M. (Ph.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; N.Y. Jn. analyst)
--Secret World of Drawings: Healing through Art. 1988 +p [Chapter 10]


Gallant, Christine (1940-; Ph.D.; Virginia Commonwealth Engl. prof.)
--Blake and the Assimilation of Chaos. 1978 [Chapter 10]

Gardner, Robert L. (Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Toronto Jn. analyst)
-- The Rainbow Serpent: Bridge to Consciousness. 1990p [Chapter 6]

Garrison, Jim (1951-; Ph.D.; Brit. writer)
--The Darkness of God: Theology after Hiroshima. 1982p; 1983p [Chapter 9]

Gay, Volney P. (Ph.D.; Vanderbilt U. relig. prof.)
-- Reading Jung: Science, Philosopby, and Religion. 1984p [Chapter 3]

Gillette, Douglas (Chicago Inst. for World Spirituality cofounder)
-- (co-author) King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. 1990 [Chapter 8]

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