Cross Currents

© Donald R. Dyer 1991 (Shambhala)

Cross Currents: Chapter 5

This chapter consists of comprehensive and detailed work by Jung on psychological types and the dictionary of analytical psychology (which is extracted from Psychological Types), followed by nineteen books by other authors (including three cross-referenced works), arranged chronologically.

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Cross Currents: Chapter 6

Nearly 120 books are listed in this subject category, plus twenty-five others cross referenced from other subjects. As distinguished from the preceding chapter on the psyche, this topic deals primarily with consciousness, though dynamics of the unconscious are involved.

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Cross Currents: Chapter 8

Although attempts are made in psychology to assign the concept of relatedness to the feminine principle and the concept of discrimination and detachment to the masculine principle, it is difficult to categorize the psychic structure and dynamics of an individual in terms of clear-cut feminine or masculine characteristics. This subject category consists of more than eighty books, plus eighteen more that are cross-referenced from other subjects. More than half of the writings have been published since 1982.

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Cross Currents: Chapter 7

According to Jung, to be able to express the need of the soul to participate in the ritual of life and to be able to create a life that is meaningful, we need to be connected to the symbolic side of life. In contrast to a life that is too rational, a symbolic life expresses the facts of the unconscious and works to fulfill the desire of one's soul. More than seventy books comprise this subject category, plus sixteen that are cross referenced from other subjects. They have been arranged chronologically, with Jung's works listed first, followed by the works of others. Of the latter, half have been published since 1978.

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